Linda is a photographer who is passionate about taking photographs of many types of images which symbolise and create curiosity.

All photographs seen on this website are her own.

Photography is a pure visual language. It speaks the truth to the one who bears witness - whatever their unique and intimate perception.

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About Linda's Photography

Artist-In-Residence: St Vincent's Health

In April 2011 Linda was awarded an Artist-In-Residence position at St Vincent’s Hospital. The one year position supported Linda’s work to further develop as a photographer.

Her first exhibition “The Voice of Hands: St Vincent’s Staff Speak in Action” presented 17 photographs, both black and white and color, and opened in November 2011 for three months. This exhibition was nominated for an award within the St Vincent’s Health Australia Quality Awards 2012 and gained one of three finalists positions in the Mary Aikenhead Ministries Award.

Linda also worked on several other photo essays during her year-long residency, including:

  • Depictions of grief in bereavement
  • Palliative care, cancer care and the essence of dying
  • A Spirituality of Silence, Witnessing and Compassionate