Art Therapy

Experiential Art Therapy

A Way to be supported to tell the Story

I am trained in Experiential Creative Art Therapy, which encompasses a rich breadth of ways to engage individuals and explore their experience through the creation of their own unique works. Whether by drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, journaling, or using a sand tray, art therapy provides valuable insights into your own story.

This video 'Studio on Sherbrooke' provides a brief snapshot of art therapy and the environment in which it is delivered.

This video 'What is Art Therapy?' was developed during a MIECAT student placement at Palliative Care South East, with student Heather Bryant Birkett - whom I supported and supervised in this production.

The above includes examples of art therapy, including textiles, collage, painting, drawing and photography. These are displayed with permission by the art makers and were collected from counselling and education workshop experiences.